Sustainable Domes

"Homes that Protect and Sustain Life"

Sustainable Domes are highly resistant to natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.   They are resistant to rust, mold, water, bug's and fire. They are manufactured in a controlled factory environment making them more cost effective than pre-cast concrete and site built homes.  Sustainable Domes offer 100% non-toxic, “breathable” materials that provide good thermal insulation and indoor air quality. 

Sustainable Domes materials are fabricated from abundant resources found in nature and require far less processing and long-term maintenance than traditional building materials.  We strive to protect the families that live in them while preserving the planet we live on.

Benefits of a Sustainable Dome

  • Benefits of a Sustainable Dome

  • Affordable Green Housing

  • Disaster Resistance

  • Reduced Construction Waste

  • Rapid Assembly On-Site

  • Built with 100% Non-toxic Materials

  • High Resistance to Fire, Moisture, Mold and Insects

  • Longer Life Cycle than Conventional Homes

  • Minimal Long Term Maintenance

  • Highly Energy Efficient

  • Low Environmental Impact

  • A “Healthy Home” with High Indoor Air Quality

  • On-site Production of Organic Food